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About Us

 Founded in 1952, Donggang Weiyuan Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous manufacturers of fuel injection equipment in China. Our company mainly offers injectors, plungers, nozzles, delivery valves, pencil nozzles, repairing kits, hydraulic heads of VE distributor pumps and other related products for imported automobiles, construction machinery and marine products. With a batch of experienced professors, excellent machining systems, high level checking facilities, an effective quality control system and satisfactory after-sale service, we provide high quality products with good prices. Meanwhile, we passed ISO9001

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2019 Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, Vietnam

2019 Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, Vietnam

At the meeting this morning, the foreign trade sector sales experts shared the stage silica sales experience, although most of its contents are talking about the entire sales process, the surface is directed to the companys foreign sales de...



Spring Canton Fair 2019

July 9 to 14, Division I recruits 25 new employees to expand training and orientation training. Orientation in our conference room, training includes: safety education, Company, career planning, regulations, product and market, production c...

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