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I. Eight Foreign Trade Salesmen
Operating duty:
1. Use various channels to develop foreign customer resources and expand overseas markets.
2. Be responsible for contacting customers, quotation, order negotiation, contract signing and a series of foreign trade processes.
Requirements: Major in International Trade, CET-4 or above, experience is preferred.
2. Eight Sales Assistants
Operating duty:
1. Responsible for customer order follow-up, order receiving and production planning to ensure timely and quality delivery.
2. Disposal and return of goods and recovery of receivables.
Requirements: Careful and conscientious work, strong organization.
3. Five Purchasing Assistants
Operating duty:
1. In accordance with the company's procurement process, responsible for daily procurement work, and actively assist in dealing with problems arising in the procurement process.
2. Supervise the implementation of the procurement plan and review the purchase orders and prices.
3. Handle warehousing and disposal of unqualified products.
Requirements: Strong expressive ability, good at communication, strong ability to resist pressure.
4. Five Mechanic Designers
Operating duty:
1. Be responsible for the surveying and mapping of the company's samples, drawing production and processing drawings, explaining and providing technical guidance to the design drawings of mechanical products.
2. Be responsible for reviewing the process drawings of mechanical products, and assist in improving the process drawings of mechanical products.
Requirements: Major in mechanical design, skilled in all kinds of drawing software.
5. Eight Network Promotion Commissioners
Operating duty:
1. Responsible for product promotion, maintenance and operation management of various platforms.
2. Ensure the company's product exposure and click-through rate, regularly plan activities to attract traffic, and familiarize with paid promotion and free promotion operation tools to effectively optimize.
3. Familiar with the company's products, refine product selling points, optimize product pages.
Requirements: Strong anti-pressure ability, love the Internet, have a strong interest in emerging things, skilled use of PS and other software.
6. Four Financial Assistants
Operating duty:
1. Audit financial documents, organize files and manage invoices.
2. Handle internal and external accounts and account management.
Requirements: Accounting related profession, rigorous and serious, experience is preferred.
VII. 8 Platform Operators
Operating duty:
1. Operations of foreign platforms (express sales), customer consultation.
2. Update the product regularly, update the soft text, and maintain the platform.
3. Post-sale treatment.
Requirements: Proficient in office software operation, CET-4 or above.

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